Me and Anna’s fingers

DOMINIQUE SANTOS was raised in Manila, PH. She is a creative and writer currently living in Oakland, CA. She graduated with a BA in Literature and moved on to pursue an MA and MFA in Creative Writing specializing in poetry.

Sometimes, when she’s in the mood, she’ll make something related to the significant human experience. She barely writes for herself. She doesn’t care about her social media accounts. Her hobbies include reading critical theory and philosophy.

Dominique was a barista, marketing manager, and a ghost-writer for erotic films and texts found on the internet. Currently, she moonlights as a videogame playtester and cannabis writer for Dab Connection. Some of her work is featured in Nugg as a ghostwriter for their staff writer part of the blog.

She runs DXMINIQ which is her personal blog and Flower by Design her personal cannabis review website centered on marijuana flower.

Sometimes, she designs book covers and takes product photos for various entities —