About Me

TL;DR – I make reading seamless.

About Me

Hi! My name is Dominique Santos and I live in the Bay Area, CA. When I’m not applying my tertiary & post-grad education to a thing that’s called work, I moonlight as a book cover artist and award winning “poet” (maybe).

& just to prove that I’m more than just a boring human lizard, I enjoy the ff:

Video Games (RTS, Survival, MMO RPGS, Farming Games, etc.). Guitar Gear Porn. FXMakeup Tutorials. Cooking Shows. Carnivorous Plants. Poetry Series’. Philosophy, Taxidermy. Art Museums. Dinosaur Documentaries. Comics (DC Vertigo, Image Comics, etc.). Godzilla. Pinky Raaangs. Sodie Pops. Onion Raaangs. Drop top?

About What I Do

For serious — I write for my supper. I’m a creative and writer focused on strategizing content and information architecture . My goal is to synthesize design and content to form a seamless narrative, working mobile or web based platforms for the user.

Skills and Programs

Design – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dream Weaver, Adobe Illustrator
Email Campaigns – MailChimp, E-Mailing Services
Brand Narratives – MS Word, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Creative Writing, and Character Profiles
UX Design– Sketch, Adobe XD, Gravit, and Pencil
Logistics – SalesForce, MS Power Point, MS Excel, #Slack