Content Strategist at Nugg from 2018 - Present . #marijuana

Job Title: Content Strategist

Status: Freelance

Job Description:  Developed content focused on strategizing the company’s / client’s objectives to increase views, sales, and inform a targeted audience while overseeing content requirement throughout the project’s life cycle.

Sample Featured Article:

Image from www.nugg.com

The spirit of Halloween is based on do-it-yourself creativity. From homemade costumes to a spruced-up trick bag, the more handmade a prop is, the more authentic the experience feels–especially if it looks and tastes memorable. 

Each of these recipes requires a cannabis-infused edible that you can have delivered to your address using Nugg. I had the edible ingredients brought directly to my doorstep while I was hanging cobwebs and carving jack-o-lanterns. Can’t find a Nugg dispensary that carries them around you? Contact Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge for help.

from Get Baked with These 3 Spooky Edible Recipes by Dominique Santos


  • Researched products specifically sold by Nugg and its clients.
  • Wrote concise product reviews based on assignments given to me following Nugg’s protocol.

Duration: 2018 — Present

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